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from "brochure" sites to full-fledged stores and anything in between, i'll help you choose the right options to get your start-up off the ground, or bring your brick-and-mortar business into the information age. because, really, if someone can't find you on google, you basically don't exist.


having trouble tying together your print media and your online indentity? need to update and streamline your image so your business looks more professional and less like a scrap quilt? i can help you pick and choose the best elements to make your business stand out from the competition.

social media

social media lets you engage with your customers on an unprecedented level, but knowing which platforms to use and how to use them can be overwhelming for the savviest of business owners. we'll set you up to learn where your current and future clients hang out, what they like, and how they want to get information from you, so you can play to your strengths.


more of a 'do-it-yourself'-er? wordpress is a content management system that makes it easy for you to make small updates to your website without the help of a nerdy assistant like me. whether you want to be able to update price lists, menus, images, or run a blog, if you can write an email, you'll have the skills to manage your new site with wordpress.

about me

so who am i?

i'm a geeky girl who fell in love with web design when i was 15 years old. we won't discuss how many years it's been since then, exactly, but let's just say it's more than 10. after too many retail sales and customer service jobs, i finally went back to school to get my degree in web information systems. i've been working as a web designer through a cooperative education program at my university for the past year, as well as working as a freelance designer.

this is where you come in! do you have an awesome business but a not-so-awesome web presence? we can fix that. together, we can turn your vision and excitement into more customers (read: more dollars. don't be embarassed - we've all gotta eat. and travel. and buy cute shoes.) through a fantastic website, some search engine optimization (better known as SEO) and better social media management, so more people can find you and buy from you or hire you, too. let's do some business!


  • html/css

  • javascript

  • social media management

  • branding

  • seo

  • vegan baking

**in rough order


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